Creation of Special Applications

The term special applications can be very ambiguous. On the one hand, there are purely application-related difficulties that have to be overcome. And on the other hand, to master the little things in life, such as interfaces to exotic data providers that do not exist.

A typical example from life:

You have an XYZ application (e.g. invoicing) with your classic address data. You would like to transfer your address data to another ABC application (e.g. form letters, e-mail, etc.). This can become an insurmountable hurdle because the data often do not match. On one side the data field for the name is simply called NAME and on the other side NAME1 - Bingo. The example shown above shows that even small discrepancies can be major obstacles in the further process.

Individuality is required here. A small, inconspicuous program can help you overcome the hurdle.

There are a number of examples that would show you the complex interplay between the individual applications.

... Master this ... !!!