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Experienced and competent IT consultants, with extensive knowledge and experience in various industries and technologies, support you with various topics such as IT strategy, IT applications, IT project management, IT sourcing or IT innovation. 

A constantly growing topic is observability. A catchphrase that is on everyone’s lips. Observability provides detailed insight into modern, distributed applications across the enterprise, enabling faster, automated problem detection and resolution. A subset of this is application monitoring.

Application monitoring is a complex topic and requires know-how, vision and expertise. Countless questions and requirements need to be determined and answered.

We know and can understand that you, in particular, are under great performance and cost pressure when developing complex application developments. We can take this pressure off of you and accompany you through the entire process - from planning to implementation and are also happy to support you in operational issues.

Shareware Area


Reliably synchronize various folder objects in MS Outlook inside or outside the data store.


Remove duplicate data in MS Outlook safely, easily and on the fly.


The easy-to-use license manager creates secure license keys to protect your software against misuse.


Extract all email addresses from the MS Outlook application. For example, all e-mails serve as the origin, ...


Anonymization of personal and/or business-critical data in log files.


Extract all emails, calendars, contacts, etc. from the MS Outlook application. Optionally all or selective folders.


Converts images to Base64 format and vice versa.

Freeware Area


Remove password protection in MS Excel and MS Word files quickly and easily.


Use the selection list to easily create UNC shares, restore them if necessary and manage them. Use by global or individual users.


Select certain Windows processes and control them on the workstation.


Automate application processes in order to make them traceable and measurable.


Check the PC system for unwanted applications.


Automatic calendar import of .ICS files into MS Outlook.


Easily analyze X.509 security certificates.


Converts a standard time value to the Epoch format and vice versa.


A small web server for testing web applications.


Analyze Outlook files for specific keywords and correlate those to each other.

Deprecated Software


Export your personal or multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes to Microsoft Outlook format.

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