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If one or the other application cannot be installed, please check the installation requirements for the application. If necessary, check whether any application software from a third party that has already been installed is preventing or preventing the installation.

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Problems downloading - file is said to be compromised.

Error when trying to download one of the tools offered on this homepage (

Message: This file is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous.

Error Image

The error mainly occurs in web browsers based on Chromium.

Have you ever try to resolve Chrome error? There is a built-in anti-virus in Chrome that scans files that you install or download. Certainly, while downloading an apparent harmless file, Chrome also blocks it saying the file is not downloaded and may be harmful. Mostly it happens with executables, scripts, and zipped files. Come let's check here's how you can resolve it.

When you select to avoid Chrome's warning,  you execute the risk of installing a harmful file. The file can't execute run automatically once it is installed but make sure that it must be harmful.


The file is blocked once it's installed or downloaded and you can view a "Discard" button located next to it on the Downloads bar. Simply tap the dropdown arrow located next to it and choose the "Keep" choice. It"ll save the file automatically to your local disk.

Another step is to scan it. Chrome certainly reports false-positives so that you can either use an anti-virus application.

If your desktop anti-virus application also flags the file as harmful. Then it's not a good idea to still execute it. While using anti-virus application, you simply manually remove the file yourself. Once you scanned it using an anti-virus application. Also, it same removed it for you or quarantined it. When the file has been quarantined, you simply delete it from your PC.

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