Your Service

In the tool collection you will find the service packs, the registry tools, the auxiliary programs, etc. that you may need to adapt your system. This data collection is aimed exclusively at the applications offered by bt.

Please understand that we are not installing any of the possibly required service packs for the operating system, etc. We'd like to leave that to you. And this has the following reasons:

  • You may not want this at all.
  • During the installation, components would be installed that might have a negative impact on your system (would be a shame ...). You know your system better than we do.
  • We also only cook with water. Just installing software in the hope of doing the right thing doesn't make any sense and won't help anyone (not you or us).

The applications offered in the tool collection remain the property of the respective software manufacturers. The license terms must be observed.

This service only applies if you install from an application CD-ROM that you have purchased from us.

If you are installing online (from the Internet), please contact your software supplier. Or use one of the links to one of the manufacturers listed on this homepage.

Should you still have any questions ... You won't be left out in the rain. Send us your message, question or anything else.