This section is divided into two parts:

  1. Solutions through application software and
  2. Solutions through services.

The latter does not exclude the use of application software. Both areas represent the primary sphere of activity of bt and should help you to determine, define and implement your requirements for an industry solution.

Application software

The applications marked with SHAREWARE are real full versions with the installed registration key, otherwise it is SHAREWARE. SHAREWARE versions are ideal for demonstration purposes.

You will receive the registration key (license key) when you purchase the application(s).

The applications marked as FREEWARE can be freely used and passed on by you. A license fee is not charged for this.


Download Link
Synchronization of data objects in MS Outlook.    (SHAREWARE)02.00.00
btLogFileAnonymizerAnonymization of personal data in log files. (SHAREWARE) 02.03.00
btDeduplicateOutlookRecordsRemoval of duplicate data in MS Outlook. (SHAREWARE)    01.02.00
 btLicenceManagerAn easy to use licence Manager. (SHAREWARE)06.02.00
btExtractMaitToSExtraction of email addresses. (SHAREWARE)03.02.00
Extraction of emails, calendars, contacts, etc. (SHAREWARE)
Converts images to Base64 format and vice versa. (SHAREWARE) 
btNetworkDrivesManage Network Drives (UNC Shares) by drop-down list.      (FREEWARE)01.00.02
btExcelUnprotectRemoves password protection in MS Excel/Word files.      (FREEWARE)02.00.00
btProcessControlControl certain Windows processes. (FREEWARE) 01.02.00
btAppAutomationMake application processes traceable and measurable.      (FREEWARE) 01.00.00
btCheck4UnwantedAppsCheck the PC system for unwanted applications. (FREEWARE)01.00.00

Automatic calendar import in MS Outlook. (FREEWARE) 

btX509CertificateAnalyzerX.509 Easily analyze security certificates. (FREEWARE) 01.00.00
btEpochTimeConversionConverts a standard time value into Epoch Format.    (FREEWARE) 01.00.00
btTinyWebserverA small web server for local use. (FREEWARE)01.00.00
btOLDataMinerAnalyzes Outlook files for occurring keywords and brings them in relation to each other. (FREEWARE)01.00.00
btConvertLN2OLConverts Lotus Notes mailboxes to Microsoft Outlook.      (FREEWARE) 01.00.00