As an authorized user, you will receive support if you send your questions to our support address via email.

Don't forget to describe the problem in detail.

These include:

  1. When did the error occur?
  2. How was the way until the problem arose?
  3. In which module did the problem occur?
  4. Which operating system is used?
  5. and and and...

As much information as possible is always helpful.

What do we not (or not yet) need? These are primarily databases, etc ... Should these things be needed, we will ask you specifically about them.

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All licensed shareware products are entitled to free support. insofar as it relates to these products. This entitlement exists to the current version and 1 main version back. There is no entitlement to free support for FREEWARE applications.

The discontinuation of support refers to any updates and / or bug fixes of these versions in the event of errors. In principle, only free support1) is provided for the current and previous version.


The current version of the application is 5.3. This means that support is granted for version 5.2, but no longer for version 5.1 or older. This procedure is independent of the appearance of so-called major or minor versions

You can continue to make inquiries about problems with installation, handling, etc. This will continue to be the case for older versions.

1) Free support only includes support (assistance) via email or in exceptional cases via remote access to the customer system.