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btDeduplicate Outlook Records

EUR 5,80

incl. Tax

The btDeduplicate Outlook Records application removes duplicate data in MS Outlook files of the following types:

  • Email objects
  • Calendar objects, as well
  • Contact objects (only the real contact objects are supported, any distribution lists, etc. are excluded).
  • Duplicate domains and e-mail addresses from previously exported junk text file.

The execution of the application can be carried out during operation, whereby first checked, and then in a second step, the deletion of the duplicates takes place. This ensures maximum data security. The respective duplicates are determined according to the most important object features and can be configured according to the requirements.

The supported MS Outlook version formats are:

  • MS Outlook Version 2013 und
  • MS Outlook Version 2016
  • MS Outlook Version 2019 / 365
  • MS Outlook Version 2021 / 365

Language support for German and English.